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Diets Which Are Best When It Comes To Mental Health.

Researchers have increasingly been studying the consequences of diet and nutrition on psychological state .

Many of them have noticed that folks who follow a typical Western diet, which incorporates highly processed foods and added sugars, have higher risks of developing anxiety and depression.

Although the bulk of the research so far has focused on the advantages of the Mediterranean diet, other dietary patterns can also have a positive effect on psychological state .

In this article, we review a number of the evidence suggesting that a healthful diet can improve psychological state and help treat or prevent certain conditions. We also explore how food affects our mood.

Can diet help with mental health?
Changes to an individual’s diet may improve their psychological state .
Nutritional psychiatry, which some ask as psych nutrition, may be a new field of study that focuses on the effect of diet on psychological state .

Most studies have focused on the consequences of the quality Western diet and therefore the Mediterranean diet. a piece of writing within the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society reviewed the prevailing body of research on diet, nutrition, and psychological state.

The research suggests that the more closely an individual follows a Western diet, with its highly processed foods, the more in danger they’re for depression and anxiety. people that follow a Mediterranean diet, on the opposite hand, seem to be less likely to possess psychological state conditions.

Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry at the King’s College in London within the uk investigated exactly how nutrition might affect psychological state. They focused their research on the consequences of diet on the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is a neighbourhood of the brain that generates new neurons during a process called neurogenesis. Research has linked neurogenesis within the hippocampus to an individual’s mood and cognition.

Stressful experiences reduce neurogenesis within the hippocampus, while antidepressant drugs appear to market this process.

Factors which will negatively affect neurogenesis in adults include:

Oxidative stress
High fat diets
High sugar diets
Healthful foods and habits appear to market neurogenesis. These include:

Diets that include polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), curcumin, and polyphenols
a diet that meets calorie needs without an individual overeating or Undereating
Physical exercise

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