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How To Cranberries Work?

The overuse of antibiotics both in humans and animals has led to the emergence of drug-resistant “superbugs.” Overpopulation, global migration, and poor sanitation are just some of the explanations why the drug resistance problem has escalated.

Some researchers even go as far on warn that “we are on the cusp of returning to a pre antibiotic era during which minor infections can once more become deadly.”

In this context, scientists are trying to return up with innovative and sometimes unconventional solutions, turning to insects or maybe fish slime for compounds that would be deadly to superbugs.

Cranberry extract stops antibiotic resistance. They applied cranberry extract to bacterial cultures and saw that the cranberry molecules made the cultures more sensitive to antibiotics in two ways.

Firstly, cranberry extract made the membranes of the bacteria more permeable to the antibiotic. Secondly, the cranberry extract disrupted the mechanism that bacteria typically use to eliminate the antibiotic.

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