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Can Quorn help in aiding Weight Loss?

We have heard that Quorn is a healthier alternative to eating real meat, right? It has a good amount of protein and less fat as it is guilt-free when it comes to animal composition. It may even aid in weight loss – but let’s understand how? Allow me to have a closer look to try and find out if Quorn is helpful for weight loss… and just what it is that makes this such a healthy food source.

Understanding Quorn:
Quorn has seen recent popularity as a healthy alternative to meat protein. The makers promote it as a healthy alternative food source as it is a vegetarian meal with certain Quorn products are for vegans. Quorn is being made from a type of fermented fungus, so no animals are harmed in the process. Quorn has been turned into ‘sausages’ and even into ‘chicken’ pieces as well as fake bacon rashers and all sort and a delight to vegetarians.

Quorn Nutritional Content:

92% Mycoprotein – a fermented fungus
Firming Agents – to make it textured into the different types, like mince or imitation steaks.
Few of the Quorn ingredients include:

Natural Caramelised Sugar – which adds colours it and gives a little extra flavour
Free-range Egg White – for extra protein and no meat
Additionally, 100g of Mycoprotein (the fungus Quorn is made from) gives you:

11 grams of protein
6 grams of fibre
Only 0.7 grams of saturated fat
9 g grams carbohydrates
When added to your regular balanced diet and complemented with fruit or vegetables, Quorn is a good protein source if you are not allergic to it. To make it even better; it has no heavy fats found in meat as it is free from antibiotics and hormones.

Can Quorn Help in aiding lose weight?
The short answer is “yes”, it could, just by adding Quorn in your diet. Just replace a couple of meaty meals a week with Quorn which aids in eliminating the fatty acids you would normally be eating. This will leave you with less fat in your blood and aid in weight loss.

If you follow vegetarian food
If you are already meat-free then replace with high carbohydrate foods (such as pasta or potatoes) with Quorn once or twice a week may also aid in losing weight. Fill your plate with plenty of non-starchy veg and add some pulses and beans for the much-needed extra protein. When your meal is packed with protein, you will be staying and feeling fuller for longer duration and your body will consume more energy to digest all the protein than if you were to eat mostly carbs helping in weight loss journey.

If you are a vegan food
If you are a vegan then make sure your Quorn products do not have egg content. The brand does clearly mark their vegan produce to make it much easier and accessible for you.

Just keep in mind that that the best way of losing weight when you are vegan is not only replacing heavily processed vegan foods with good healthier alternatives. Try remaining actives and healthy alternatives.

How much weight can Quorn help you in losing?
So how much weight can you lose with Quorn? Let’s have a look at some numbers.

Remember that 0.7 grams of saturated fat in 100 grams of Quorn? In beef, it has 6 grams. Pork performs slightly better at 5 grams, with chicken performing best except Quorn at 3.8 grams.

Saturated fats have a bad reputation since they leads to an increase in the amount of cholesterol in your body and leading to the risk of heart disease. We all still need some saturated fat in our diet but in moderation.

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