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Tips For Healthy Eating At Restaurants

We all know that eating out these days has become a necessity as well as socially acceptable. It is said that if you are eating out it means that either you are indulging in overeating or unhealthy pattern of eating. We will tell you a few clever tips which will help you eat healthy when you are going out. You will be sticking to your health goals along with being social.

1. Read the menu well in advance
Smart people are mentally ready for what they are planning to eat outside. They go through the menu well in advance and less likely they will be making unhealthy choices of food. Always decide it prior, one can opt for soup before you start with the meal. Have a glass of water so that your stomach remains full.

2. Eat a healthy snack before you get in the restaurant
We mostly make unhealthy choices only when we are hungry. Opt for a healthy snack before you arrive at the restaurant. Healthy options include High protein snacks or nuts, just to feel stomach full and you refrain from over eating.

3. Water is the best option
Sipping water right before and with the meal is the fantastic choice to be made, instead of aerated drinks. These aerated drinks will just add calories and sugar to your diet.

4. Keep food simple and avoid getting complex
Having simple food is always a better option and you can always instruct them to add less oil/butter. You will be saving a lot of calories in taking simple food.

5. Eat your food mindfully
Mindful eating means keeping your brains open while indulging in food. You are giving food well-desired attention as well as enjoying those flavors and aroma that arises from the meal.

6. Eat slowly and wisely
It’s advisable to chew your food thoroughly and count the number of chews you are consuming so that you avoid overeating.

7. Indulge in having coffee than dessert
It’s advisable to sip in coffee as we all know added benefits in having coffee instead of desserts.

8. Prefer having Sauces or dressings separately
Sauces or dressings can add a lot of calories in your food. For example, any sauce can add approx. 140 calories and a minimum of 20 grams of fat. So, keeping it on the side will make it easier to control and keep a check of intake you indulge in.

9. Sharing is the best option
Always share your food with someone, this not only makes it keeping off the weight or order half portion. Many a time, we overindulge in food though our stomach doesn’t require it that much. It’s advisable to avoid sugary drinks before or after meals.

So Happy Eating at restaurants!!

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