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Is Green Tea Really A Detox Drink Or Just A Myth?

Many people opt for detox drinks as it helps in losing weight and helps in removing out the toxins. Green Tea has turned to be a popular detox drink as it easy to make and is loaded with innumerable benefits that can be added to your diet.

It’s a much better option, in comparison with regular tea as it helps in enhancing overall well-being in an individual as well it’s not at all risky in consuming it. Let’s understand it whether it can be termed as a detox drink.

Understanding Green Tea Detox?
Green Tea is an easy way to flush out unhealthy toxins and improving better health by raising energy. If one is indulging in having green tea it helps in clearing out the blemishes, boosting fat burning process easily. If you are planning for a detox, one must have typically 0.7 to 1 litre in your regular diet. One must indulge in having healthy food along with exercise to reap maximum benefits.

Benefits which will arise by drinking Green Tea:

Allow me to enlist few benefits attached by consuming green tea.

1. Promoting Hydration
Being hydrated is the most important thing as the body will function well if it is hydrated. If the body is hydrated, it will help in clearing out the waste, absorbing nutrients well as well as the smooth functioning of the brain. One must make sure to fulfill the daily requirement of fluid required in the body.
Having said that, green tea is one of the fluids along with plenty of water which will help in promoting to stay hydrated.

2. Aiding Weight Loss
It is shown that green tea aids in weight loss as it has those essential components for weight loss journey. Consumption of green tea for weight loss is not that significant not scientifically proven.

3. Helps in fighting disease
It has certain potent compounds which help the body to guard against certain prolonged disease as it also helps in decreasing blood sugar level.

Just like the advantages, there are a few risks involved in consuming Green Tea. Allow me to enlist a few disadvantages of consuming Green Tea:

1. Caffeine is High
Even a single serving of green tea will contain 3 mg of caffeine. It’s definitely less than other caffeinated drinks like coffee or other energy drink. If one is on the consumption of green tea which is around 0.7 to 1 litre, one will gather up 210 mg of caffeine from green tea alone. Caffeine itself has side effects like anxiety, sleep disturbed or maybe digestion issues.

2. Nutrient Absorption not taking place.
Green Tea contains EGCG and tannins which come together as micronutrients and affects the absorption in the body. Few studies have shown that it has led to iron deficiency in some people. If you are low on iron, drink in moderation.

3. Not that effective
It is said that it is not that worth in weight loss as it might help you temporarily but it is not a permanent solution. It is considered a healthy diet but it is not counted in detox drink.

Lastly, it can be concluded that if you drink green tea it can be considered healthy and to be included in diet but you cannot count is as Detox Drink.

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