Let’s Debunk Myths By Famous Nutritionists

We have so much about fad diets it could be a myth or true. One day it shows its good for health; the other day it turns bad for health. It has so much information available we are unable to realize what is really good/bad for us.

Let’s give a brief insight into these food myths to have a clear knowledge and to make sensible choices before we get to indulge in any food.

1. Eggs help in raising cholesterol.
Eggs are considered to be the power house of essential nutrients. It is loaded with Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and a great amount of protein. It contains cholesterol which is around approx 180 mg for one large egg which is found mainly in egg yolk. Eggs are considered to be included when it comes to a balanced diet. A healthy individual; can consume around 1 egg every day and it won’t create any impact on cholesterol level. Only the exception lies to those who find it difficult in controlling diabetes or LDL. If you come in that exception, you should consume alternate days. Just one needs to be careful, what one is having with that eggs is it toast bread, sausage or a slice of tomato or avocado? Make sure to have organic eggs.

2. Carbs are horrible for your BMI.
BMI is not the correct measurement to calculate as good health means muscle should be more than fat and BMI cannot calculate it that well.

Carbs are not that evil as you may think. Carbohydrates play an essential role when it comes to a balanced diet which provides fuel in our body but one needs to have the right amount of it. They help in providing body glucose which ensures all cell has a correct supply of energy to function properly. Just the wrong amount of cholesterol which is there in sugar covered foods are bad.

3. If you indulge in night eating its bad for your Health.
This is half-truth that if you eat at night post 7 pm all food will turn into fat. Your body metabolism rate definitely slows down a bit but it’s not stopped completely as whatever you eat will be either used or stored in the system. Healthy eating is still fine but in moderation but junk food one should totally avoid. The best routine is not to indulge in eating 2/3 hours prior to going to bed.

4. Fats only make you grow Fat.
This is biggest myth going around in the weight loss industry. Fats are an essential nutrient without which the body cannot survive. It helps in absorbing vital nutrients. It depends on how much quantity of fats you are having and what quality you are indulging in. So, one should consume low or no-fat products but do check these labels well. One should understand the difference between good and bad fat. Oils like coconut, avocado, olive are a great option for cooking. Organic butter, grass-fed if consumed in moderation

5. If you consume more than 1000 calories, you will grow Fat.
As I said, BMI is the wrong way to measure whether you are healthy or not. Similarly, the strategy of indulging in 1000 calories does not work. One may lose weight but it’s temporary. Those pounds which you have lost might just pounce back once you leave everything. If you are eating good calories from nutritious food like fruits, green veggies, and nuts, the calorie count becomes insignificant.

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