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Complete Guide on Vitamin B Complex and How to get it?

Vitamin B contains 8 vitamins that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. B Vitamins play an important role in the proper well-being of the human body. B Vitamin has a lot of effect in the proper functioning of the brain and improving metabolism. It aids in the prevention of infections along with the promotion of:
• Improve in digestion.
• Improve in eyesight.
• Improve in appetite.
• improve in cholesterol production.
• Improve in energy level.
• Improve in red blood cells count.

B Vitamins in Women
B Vitamins are extremely important in cases of pregnant women or breastfeeding. These vitamins play an essential role in development of brain as well as reducing the risk of birth deformities. Those who are expecting, it helps in boosting energy and ease out nausea.

B Vitamins in Men
B Vitamins will help in increasing testosterone levels which helps in building muscles as well as increasing strength.

Understanding Vitamin B Complex requirement:
B 1: 1.1 MG (Women), 1.2 MG (Men)
B 2: 1.1 MG (Women), 1.3 MG (Men)
B 3: 14 MG (Women), 16 MG (Men)
B 5: 5 MG (Women), 5 MG (Men)
B 6: 1.3 MG (Women), 1.3 MG (Men)
Biotin: 30 MCG (Women), 30 MCG (Men)
B 12: 2.4 MCG (Women), 2.4 MG (Men)

The doctor will be able to able to advise much better in the case of individual needs. Let’s understand, what are the symptoms in case of deficiency?
Rashes in Skin
Rough skin around the mouth
Swollen Tongue and Fatigue
Confusion along with Nausea
Diarrhoea or constipation
In case, you are suffering from any of this deficiency, get it checked through a blood test

Let’s understand, what Foods contain Vitamin B?
There are plenty of foods wherein we get Vitamin B nutrient, but most importantly its that you are getting enough of each of these nutrients.

Vitamin B is found in:
• Milk/Cheese/Eggs.
• Meat like chicken or red meat.
• Fish like tuna or salmon.
• Green leafy vegetables like spinach or its found in avocados, beets, and potatoes.
• Nuts and soy products.
• Fruits like melons or in citrus fruits.
If you are indulging in supplements make sure to ask your doctor’s opinion and discuss your desired health goal for the best treatment option.

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