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Are You Sleep Deprived? Understanding Its Importance On Health.

You might have come across where you have been just turning your head from right to left. Apart from just making you feel tired or grumpy, it has some implications too. If it’s a day or two, your body still manages it a bit if it is on a frequent basis it has some serious implications. Sleep deprivation results in the poor immune system and weight gain.
Sleep deprivation is just a lack of getting enough sleep by having less than 7 hours of quality sleep. If that is taking place on a continuously basis you are going through a sleep disorder. How we need food for proper functioning, in similar lines its the sleep. It helps the body in healing itself generally.

Let’s understand why sleep is the most important factor:

1. Lack of sleep will gain your weight.
Poor sleep results in gaining weight. One of the strongest reasons for obesity is lack of sleep. If you want to reduce weight, have proper quality sleep.

2. If you have quality sleep you tend to eat fewer calories.
It may sound weird but studies have proved that sleep deprivation results in appetite hormonal imbalance indulging in a higher amount of ghrelin and leptin which helps in suppressing appetite.

3. Quality sleep improves concentration along with productivity and maximizing athletic performance.
Sleep improves productivity along with performance as you will have more concentration power in performing the tasks. Research has proved that basketball players have improved in speed and mental well-being once they have proper sleep.

4. Lack of sleep may occur Heart stroke or any chronic disease along with that it effects metabolism resulting in Type 2 Diabetes.
Apart from physical health being affected, even mental illness like depression can also take place.

5. Lastly, sleep affects emotions.
Doctors won’t be able to judge in routine check-ups if you are facing sleep deprivation. Always, talk to your doctor and he might ask you about your sleeping habits. He might ask for a few blood tests to be done before coming to a conclusion. It could be a thyroid problem or you may just require a little lifestyle change.

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