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Urinary Tract Infection And How To Deal With It

A Urinary tract infection is the most common infection in the urinary system as it involves with the lower urinary tract. Women, in general, are at a higher risk of getting infected with urinary tract symptoms. It’s slightly annoying as it might affect the kidney too

Doctors generally advise treating urinary tract infections with antibiotics. But there are few chances wherein you can reduce the impact in the initial stage itself.

These are the symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):
1. Strong and burning sensation while urinating.
2. Every time you urinate, it appears cloudy along with smelling it strong as it appears pinkish or reddish in color.
3. Slight pelvic pain in women and especially around the pubic bone.

How to prevent it:
1. Ample of Liquids especially water which helps in diluting the bacteria by flushing it out from the urinary tract.
2. Indulge in having cranberry juice as it prevents UTIs.
3. Clean it from front to back as it helps in preventing bacteria from the anal region to spread in vagina or urethra.
4. Empty the bladder after you intercourse by drinking glass to water to flush out bacteria.
5. Diaphragms contribute to increased bacterial growth. Change the birth control method.

If treated it properly, it won’t lead to any complications or else it may have certain type of complications that include:
1. Frequent infections that women might experience often.
2. Kidney damage acute or chronic.
3. Resulting in premature in fact in the case of pregnant women.
4. It might lead to life-threatening infection damaging the kidneys.
5. It may lead to urinary tract abnormalities or blockages in urinary tract resulting in difficulty in the immunity system.

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