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10 Signs That Show You Are Suffering From Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is an essential mineral that requires for good health. Iodine can be found in iodized salt. There are few people who take an iodine supplement. The thyroid gland uses iodine for the smooth functioning of thyroid hormones as it helps them in growth, brain development, and metabolism.

Let’s understand signs, symptoms, and complications on how we will be able to treat it. As per the 2017 study, around one-third of people have an iron deficiency.

Signs that show one is suffering from iron deficiency:
1. Gaining weight:
This is very evident when it is unexpected. If a person is having healthy metabolism then tend to burn more calories but not in case of, Hypothyroidism wherein it slows down calories burning as it is stored as fat.

2. Lack of Energy and Tiredness.
When you lack the energy to carry heavy objects it could be a sign of iodine deficiency. It simply means, they are low on energy but muscles aren’t working that well. You might feel to be completely drenched out to perform any task, and one reason could be iron deficiency.

3. Losing out Hair.
Hair Loss is a common symptom in iodine deficiency as thyroid hormones help in supporting hair follicle regeneration.

4. Dry Skin and Slow Heart Rate.
Having dull and dull skin which may cause dead skin cells could be a sign of hypothyroidism. in the case of iodine deficiency, a person’s heartbeat works slowly as he might feel little dizziness and sick all the time.

5. Irregular Periods and Swollen Neck
As hormone levels are affected due to low thyroid hormones it might result in having a period heavier than usual or less than usual. Usually, their neck is heavier because of the thyroid gland which has turned enlarged.

You can check iodine deficiency by a urine test. The women who are pregnant will need to consume a higher amount of iodine. So, always get a test done and in case you are suffering from iodine deficiency get it checked it right by the doctors.

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