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Mental Health Awareness and how one can combat it effectively.

As per the World Health Organisation, Dr. Brock Chisholm, “If there is no mental health, there can be no physical health”. It has psychological as well as behavior characteristics which helps to know that he is suffering from a mental disorder.

Mental health has turned a major concern for most of us especially in today’s scenario where everyone is going through some form of stress. In many underdeveloped and developing countries, mental health is not given so much importance. There are many factors including societal pressure, peer pressure and lack of awareness.

Let’s understand diagnosis in understanding the complications of Mental Health:
• Physical Examination: Physiatrists will understand your symptoms by going through physical examination.
• Laboratory Tests: It may include certain tests like Lab tests like thyroid function or it could be just screening of alcohol or drugs.
• Psychological Inspection: They might ask you to fill up the questionnaire to understand the behavioral pattern well.

Understanding what kind of mental illness, you are suffering:
Time and little effort will allow the proper diagnosis of mental illness and helping to take appropriate action. The more you interact with a physiatrist; it will be better in understanding it better.

There are few Classes of Mental illness
• Disorder in Brain Nerves as it could be learning disorder, autism or facing attention deficit.
• Psychotic Disorder like delusions, hallucination and unorganized thinking and speech pattern.
• Any bipolar disorder.
• Being depressed disorder or anxiety disorder.
• Trauma or stress-related disorder.
• Insomnia Disorder or restless drug disorder.
• Emotional Mental Disorder.

Let’s understand Treatment in understanding Mental Health
It all depends on what type of mental health you are suffering and how severe it is. If you have a mental illness that is well controlled, it might just require little counselling.

At times, few medications are being prescribed by physiatrists. It could be anti-depressants to treat depression, anxiety, sadness. It can be mood-stabilizing medications which helps in treating depression.

There are few Lifestyle and Home remedies which work well if you are suffering from Mental Health:
• Make sure of sticking to the treatment plan by not skipping any therapy sessions. Whatever, you are going through, just directly have a word with a physiatrist and be open up about the things.
• No usage of alcohol or drugs to treat mental illness. Understand, this can never help you overcome any mental illness.
• Make sure to be active like walking, swimming. Try to interact with the people with whom you are comfortable.
• Think for healthier versions like regular sleep, involving physical activity and proper sleep.
• Understanding the priorities and don’t make any decisions when the symptoms are extremely severe.
• Have a positive environment and work towards positivity.
The doctor might ask you questions, which might comfort you. But understand, the more he understands your problem, the better he is in curbing it.

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