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Have you got a Panic Attack? Let’s understand how to deal with it.

These are the strategies the helping in stopping the panic attack:
• First have deep breathing.
• Understand you are going through a panic attack.
• Keep your eyes closed.
• Keep the focus on one object.
• Use relaxation of muscle technique.
• Picture yourself in a happy place.
• Try keeping lavender in your hand for stress relieving.
• Repeat the mantra “This too shall pass” for relaxing effect.
We have seen cases where people are suffering from panic disorder or anxiety. The best way to overcome panic disorder or anxiety is to have a comfortable person around them.

These are the DO’s which a person needs to follow:
• He need not be afraid of anything. Tell him it’s ok not to be afraid of anything.
• Encourage him to breathe properly for in and out for four seconds.
• Have a deep conversation with him as it is good to be overwhelming.
• Stay with him because if you leave, he is likely to suffer.
• Have conversations with him, the topic that you have an interest in.

These are the DON’Ts which a person needs to follow:
• Even if they deny, they are going through mental distress, let that comfortable voice not fool you.
• Don’t tell them to calm or relax, it might happen that you are making their anxiety worse.
• Try never asking them why are they panicking.
• Don’t try to do anything bullshit, because that is not going to work. It won’t help them at all.
• Try not getting judgemental or irritated by his behavior.

It’s extremely important when anyone is suffering from a panic attack or anxiety disorder so indulge in a small act of helpfulness as it will do wonders for the other person. Never underestimate the power in YOU.
The one suffering from a panic attack or anxiety disorder needs to be with someone who is extremely comfortable with and being with the person who is most comfortable with, help up to a great extent. Understand, Mental health is as important just like physical health and one needs to take the utmost care for their health.

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