Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy.

Following are the ways to make your heart healthy-
1. Food/Intake- What type of food you eat affects your health definitely. For a healthy heart, we have to eat good quality of oil with which we make our food & moderate quantity of oil in our vegetables while cooking. Consume less oily foods/fried items because oil creates blockage in the heart. It adversely affects blood flow. Moderate consumption of butter, ghee and cheese is essential as these products stick to the heart and damages the heart. Excess consumption of non-veg items like chicken, mutton etc are also not advisable.
2. Medicines- If a person is suffering from low/high bp, these medicines have to be taken on time as prescribed by the doctor. Non-consumption of medicines of blood pressure also affects heart/pulse rate which have to be kept normal.
3. Regular Exercises- We must regularly exercise at approximately at fixed hours in the morning. Yoga meditation also helps a lot. Nowadays, walking half an hour in the morning and evening also has become a must in today’s stressful life. It effects on all the points of acupressure at the bottom of the feet when we walk in the morning/evening. Walking is the solution for many chronic diseases also. Going in the garden if time permits, proper ventilation at home/offices, living in the pollution free areas that is not near the factory help to get more oxygen which keeps our heart healthy.
4. Meditation- Meditation, keeps a long way to keep your mind and body stable, it also helps to live in a tension free environment and thus indirectly affects our heart in a positive way and keeps our heart healthy.
5. Busy Living- If you keep yourself busy throughout the day in various activities, instead of keeping mind idle, your mind and heart will function well. If a person sits idle, he is only surrounded by worries, idle mind is devil’s workshop. Nowadays in today’s world no man is free from worries, so it is always better to keep yourself busy/occupied. Worried person will go for alcohol/hot drinks which will again affect your heart. It is always advisable to give voluntary service also not with some monetary benefit for your own health. Money is not important but health is important. Health is Wealth. Don’t worry. Be happy, keep your heart healthy and wealthy.

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