13 Ways To Keep Your Liver Healthy Forever

Following are the 13 ways to a healthy liver:

1.We must maintain normal weight according to our age. Underweight will not create much problems but overweight or obesity will damage liver, leading to fatty liver. On the contrary weight loss can reduce liver fat.

2. We should also have a balanced diet which means less food containing less calories, fats, carbohydrates etc. We should also consume low fat milk and small amount of cheese. Drinking lots of water is also neccesary for hydration leading to balanced diet for healthy liver.

3. We must do exercise regularly to help reduce liver fat as fatty liver leads to chronic diseases.
4. Avoid toxins, avoid smoke- It directly affects liver. Avoid direct contact with aerosol products like pesticides, insecticides, room freshener, air freshener, deodorants etc
5. Use alcohol in a moderate quantity as per your doctor’s instructions or quit completely. Alcohol damages liver cells and scars your liver
6. We must avoid the use of illicit like pain killers, sedatives etc.
7. It is always better to avoid contaminated needles, as dirty needles are associated with drugs. Use only clean/ fresh, new needles for tattoos and for body piercings.
8. If anybody has come into contact with someone else’s blood, immediately you must rush to nearest doctor/hospital.
9. We should not share our personal hygiene thing like toothbrush, shaving razor, clothes, nail clippers etc as they can catch other body fluids which may be contaminated.
10. When a person does sex with many partners, it increases risk of Hepatitis B and C.
11. We must always wash our hands before eating. Even before preparing food also, we must wash our hands. After using bathrooms, we must wash hands clearly.
12. We must take proper dosages of medicines as prescribed by the doctor neither more or less. Concern your doctor always for the same.
13. Get vaccinated. There are vaccines for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine against the Hepatitis C virus.

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