Are you ready to lose Body Fat in Healthy Way?

There are many myths running around, we have come across gym which promises that they will help us lose 1000 calories in workouts. We know it’s practically impossible in any workout session. Any workout you indulge in, it’s practically impossible!!

There are millions of people who are still confused about best ways to lose fat percentage in a body in an effective manner.

Let’s understand what’s the best way to lose fat? And if you do are there any side effects?

No mater, what you belong be it size, shape, or the fat percentage you belong to. It’s extremely important to be healthy. If you are a woman, I totally understand, we know how our hormones play with us.

Let’s understand, body fat is vital!!

Let’s get into basics, body fat is essential. It’s is crucial for overall health and longevity. It will protect you from over indulging.

Body fat is an energy store in our bodies. Body fat does protect out organs, joint and even hormones up to a certain extent. The reason why you are alive is Body Fat.
Let’s understand, how much fat percentage one need, anything excess is bad, so if one has excess fat it will affect overall health including hearth related diseases and diabetes. Fat percentage needs to be around 20-30%. Anything beyond is bad.
If you have less body fat, it again has its own health problems. One might feel irritated and quite lethargic and even monthly periods are affected. If it’s less than 15%, it’s associated with hormone leptin which has an effect on menstrual cycle.
One might feel constipated, mood swings, low BP, dental issues, hair issues, less concentration etc.

How to measure Body Fat:

One cannot measure body fat on its own. It’s difficult unless you have those machines like bio electrical impedance, DEXA. It will help in calculating fat mass, body muscles, bone mass. It will be done in less than 50 seconds. It’s simple, quick with no pain.

How to lose Body Fat effectively?

We wanted to read this first. It’s not at all simple, but one needs to be consistent. If you are losing weight, it does not mean you losing fat. As per the Lindsey, who says that every week one needs to drop 1% per week if you are looking for a healthy weight loss.

As per the Watson Gym, “Slashing Calories and lose lot of weight but you might not lose fat, and this is slower process”.

Before getting in weight loss journey, start calculating your weight, body fat so that you can understand the changes after few weeks.

After few months, you will realise what you are losing, is it muscle fat or body fat.
Any form of exercise is good, if you sweat it out. It has to be done couple of times in a week. Focus on quality of workouts rather than quantity. Weight training, cardio exercises works well. Aim for mixture in these exercises. It’s simple, the number of muscles you have, the faster rate you will be burning fats and will be working out at 75% of the heart rate. The greater after burn effect will in short burn more calories once you leave the gym.

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