Acupuncture: Everything about it

Acupuncture is a very important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine wherein they insert needles at certain body parts. The TCM theory is based on blood and energy teaming as QI which circulate in a cyclical fashion when going through Meridians. It has a certain energy flow which is required for good health, blockage in QI will might be leading in pain or falling ill.

The ones who use TCM engage in acupuncture to prevent a lot of illnesses like even a basic cold and flu. The most common uses are in relieving pain but most common include conditions which may range from ear, nose or throat which lead in neurological or anything pertaining to respiratory tract.

Acupuncture is highly practiced in US. Around millions of people have opted for it and have received maximum benefits. There is apparently 3.1 million adults and 1 lakh children have opted for acupuncture as per the survey. It’s quite a painless procedure, others do find little sensitivity. The needles will be stimulated with manual manipulates which either includes heat or electricity.

In fact, there are many organizations and has certain acupuncture codes and regulations. Every state has State Acupuncture Board.

This practice was originated from China but practiced in Asia and around the world.
The recent studies have shown that cardio vascular diseases and even hyper tension have got cured from it. It’s useful in constipation, migraine, low back pain also.

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