Caffeine in Summers? This Answer will amaze you!!

One cannot imagine Summer nutrition that easily. The key is to drink enough water but it’s equally important to have solid foods that contain enough water to keep yhr energy levels high in this not weather.
Whenever you step out, make sure to carry a bottle and have enough fruits that has lots of water content. This is best way to keep dehydration away. But do you think, this much is enough? In order to stay healthy, one must have proper care. With the temperature being around 42 degree Celsius it quite hot around.

If your job Profile is such, where you need to stay outdoors, there is a high probability of you having lot of health issues like nausea, digestive tract problems or headaches. There are certain factors like fruits which are responsible for dehydration. Caffeine or Caffeinated drinks is blamed for dehydration but whether to consume or not is a bug question.

Caffeine during summers: Yes or No?

As per the nutritionist, it’s a common doubt for most of us to consume caffeine it not. So, we have three most common caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and energy drink.

1. Is it okay in consuming caffeine in hot weather?
As per the studies coffee is quite dehydrating, of taken beyond 2 cups. Anything in moderation, it’s fine and it’s perfect to consume coffee during summers.

2. What’s the healthiest source of caffeine to be indulge in – tea, coffee or energy drink?
As per the studies, Energy drink should be consumed under proper guidance. As Energy drinks are associated with lot of health problems. These energy drinks have sugar level quite high in comparison with coffee. So, coffee seems the better option.

3. What is the ideal daily intake of caffeine in summers?
As per the studies, ideal would be 250 milligrams or in a rough 2-3 cups of caffeine is acceptable. Anything beyond it has side effects. Excessive caffeine leads in heart problems along with headaches.

4. How to consume caffeine in healthy way during summer?
Always pair with some snacks. Snacks could be nuts, popcorn or even multi grain Bread. So, when it comes towards health and nutrition, always understand the truth about particular food and drink. Most importantly, read the labels. Enjoy your summers!!

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