E-cigarettes are Harmful than Tobacco? Learn ways to quit E-cigarettes.

We all are aware of the health issues associated with E-cigarettes and its health hazard. Studies have shown, it has a harmful effect in the heart than the normal cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are popular among teenagers as its in trend. The study researches Susan Cheng, who is director of Public health Research suggested that E-cigarettes are often associated with coronary vascular dysfunction which is at rest, absence of physiologic stress, it indicates opposite of E-cigarettes about their safety profile.

As per the study, it estimates that in the previous year, around 3.62 students are E-cigarettes users. As per the studies, the age group 18-38 are the highly affected when it comes to E-cigarettes or Tobacco.

It’s not just the lungs be affected but also the blood flow to the heart muscle which much of focus on coronary vascular function is affected. It’s affecting heart, lung abd has many health problems attached to it. Addiction of E-cigarettes needs to ge done on timely basis.

Here are few tips which will help in reducing the addiction

1. Make an action plan to star with by fixing start date and don’t use it again.
2. Take help from friends and family and tell them to support you in quitting them.
3 You might get cravings. Find a way keeping yourself busy or chewing something.
4. If you think professional help is required, take it.
5. Once you progress, reward yourself.

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