Side-effects of Antibiotics and Home Remedies to reduce its effect.

We are in that age, where even if we come across flu, the best thing we do is pop up the medicine. That seems to be the easiest. If that is the case with you, then this article is apt for you. There are few remedies suggested by Doctors that will be as good as these antibiotics. There are few things we need to be aware about. 1. Rest, indulge in enough drinking of water and Curd are some of the remedies that can be used and are quite effective. 2. Infections can be suffered at any age or at any given time.

Let’s understand, what is Antibiotics. Antibiotics are antibacterial that helps in slowing down the bacteria which has formed in the body. It includes large amounts of drugs available all around the world. The most common notion is that we might think antibiotics can treat viral infections like cold, flu and cough. But the reality is, these antibiotics just offer just relief from the bacteria that are there in cases of cold, flu and cough. Anything, used in excess is harmful. In the same way, over use of antibiotics with prescription from doctors can lead to the risk termed as antibiotic resistance and much more. As per WHO (World Health Organization), over usage and misusage of antibiotics put us in health problems. These are the common health problems that are often caused.

1. Overuse of antibiotics will make you antibiotic resistance. It will start occurring when the bacteria and the effectiveness of the drugs what you are popping in to the body, medicines start reducing the effect. In this case, bacteria will start multiplying and will cause more harm than good. Infections which are caused by antibiotics will make you stay in hospital for a longer duration, medical costs to be expensive and death.

2. As per WHO (World Health Organization) when bacteria becomes resistant, you won’t be able to get relief from common problems like cold, flu and cough.

3. Antibiotic resistance is just making bacteria resistant to antibiotics and not the ones who is popping it.
4. If are popping medication with the prescription of doctor, it has turned biggest threat to be treated in the world. Once you are resistant, none of the treatments will work on your body. All you will do wasting your time and energy.

All these reasons are sufficient to suggest that these medications might give you temporary relief but doesn’t have permanent solution in the long duration.

Few Remedies that might be useful in treatment instead of medications.

These tips are suggested by well-known dietician which says:

Have good amount of rest, Drink water to the maximum, indulging in curd rice will offer same offer as antibiotics will be offering you in a week, have hot water bath, avoid Sun. These above remedies are without any side effects.

Rest: When you take rest, recovery process gets multiplied and body heals at a faster level.

Water: Sufficient water intake will keep you hydrated. It will great if you have lukewarm or hot water as it will offer relief in throat and cough infections.

Earing Curd Rice: This is probiotic rich food helping to restore gut flora making it restful. It offers you feeling satisfied and contentment.

Having Hot water Bath: Having Hot water will allow to reduce soreness in the body and allow it to be calm. Making sure to have peaceful sleep.

Avoid Sun: If you go out in the sun, it has its own hazards. Try to stay indoors.
These are the few tips which will help in recovery easily and effectively.

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