Protein supplements: Aiding Weight loss

Protein is the popular foods consumed by health freaks around the globe. The reason they consume as it has micro nutrients which is available in powder as protein supplement. It increases protein intake. It is a by-product of milk. Whey is considered as high-quality protein having 22 amino acids that our body requires. If regular consumption of whey in building muscle mass and losing weight.

How effective it is in weight loss?

As per Traditional wisdom, daily intake of protein can impact our body weight. It is considered as one of the most satiating micro nutrients. Let’s understand, is whey best choice of protein? As per nutritionist Dr Sood, Whey definitely is one of the best supplements to include in diet. As vegetarians don’t have much options to choose from. It comes with many other health benefits.

Benefits of Whey Protein

As per Dr Sood, Whey is good source as its easier to digest. It makes it popular. Lot of research it has in consumption of whey, as it fights cholesterol and keep blood pressure and cardio vascular troubles at bay. It helps in achieving body goals. For weight loss, food constitutes 70%, rest 30% is exercise.

How can one consume Protein?

Consume a small portion of carbohydrates before work out and protein rich food post work out. It helps in mobilising fats and building muscle. Adding whey protein in walk, milk or yogurt aids weight loss. Don’t have protein powder as it has high sugar in it.
For a female daily requirement ranges from 0.75 to 1 gram per kg of body weight. For males, it’s 1 to 1.25 grand per kg of weight. I hope its clear, whey protein is best.

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