Barley water: Does it helps in weight loss?

Losing weight is a challenge when it comes in between processed and junk food. Say healthy foods a big Hello. Losing weight, we know, it’s not a cake walk. It has to strict fitness regime along with healthy diet moving in hand in hand. There are few natural stimulators which get team up with exercise and diet. The best stimulator is Barley water. This is the best as its fibre rich making a rice substitute and counted in whole grains category like oats and whole wheat. Most dietician recommend Barley water in weight loss.

Health benefits of Barley water:
Barley helps in reducing cholesterol and thanks to beta glucan which is cholesterol fighting fibre to keep cholesterol in check. Regular consumption removes the toxins and keeping clear urinary tract. It actually acts like diuretic, in treating kidney stone. It helps in regulation blood sugar and cleansing the gut as it has low glyacaemic properties.

Here is how Barley Water can aid in Weight loss.

1. Keep the Junk away
Barley is lacked with fibre which keeps tummy fuller for long hours keeping you away from junk. Fuller tummy and less cravings aids in weight loss.

2. Keeping good Digestive system
The fibre present in barley water help smooth bowel movement and cleaning digestive system. So, one glass, make it strong and plays essential role in weight loss. As per Ayurveda, this is tonic in promoting digestion and removing constipation or stomach related problems.

3. Calorie Intake
If barley is soaked in water automatically calories get dropped down. It’s so better than aerated drinks.

Let’s understand how to make it:

Boil some barley pearls till it’s soft add three volume of water. The Ratio needs to be 1:3. Strain and collect the water. You can add dash of lemon to make the taste appealing. Even cinnamon stick can add flavour or just ginger. If you want taste to be sweet add brown sugar or honey. You can store in refrigerator for long.

Lose with barley water in healthy way!!

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