White Rice: Benefits attached with this Popular Food

Rice is the most important food grains and popular among Asians. Everyone loves Rice, as it is the comfort food. But unfortunately, it’s considered unhealthiest carbohydrates out there. It has high amount of starch which increases blood sugar level if consumed daily. It’s high in calories and unhealthy.

As per repeated studies, it’s turned as monster. But if u indulge in moderation, it can be adjusted well in healthy diet.

White Rice Nutrition

A 100 gram of white rice contains 130 calories of carbohydrates. It had fibre which is processed form of it. White rice is fortified with certain B vitamins, healthy in consumption. Most rice dishes have excess oils and salt. Always prefer steamed rice over pulao.

Cooking Rice in Healthy Diet way:

Cooking rice is easiest. Take a pressure cooker or deep utensil cover it up and cook the rice. Don’t use oil to grease it. Keep it salt free as curry you will eat has lot of salt in it.

Key pointers in cooking white rice:
1. Steam or boil by elimination of high fat vegetable oils
2. All vegetables in rice to add Fibre.
3. Little cumin seeds or jeera can control blood pressure which adds flavour and taste.
4. If u wish to add oil, just add coconut oil while cooking to increase amount of resistant starch.
5. Add few cloves while cooking rice as it helps in reducing blood sugar as it contains anti-oxidants.
If you love eating rice, eat in moderation in steam or boiled rice. But if u suffer diabetes or hyper tension, consult dietician before adding in your diet.

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