Moringa Tea: Health benefits of this Miracle Tea

Moringa or drumsticks is used massively in Indian states. From miracle herb it has turned to super food and has attached many titles with it. Western world has gone gaga over it. The plant is converted into powder which is added in tea and coffee and in many dishes. Moringa tea is one drink and people are going crazy. It is prepared from the leaves of drumstick or Moringa. It is popular choice among health freaks and has health benefits.

Health benefits attached to Moringa Tea.

1. Aids in Fat Loss
Moringa is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and it said in mobilising visceral fat stored. The tea is high in anti-oxidants mainly because of polyphenols. As per the book, ‘how to lose Back Fat’ by Cynthia it’s said Moringa Tea has shown weight loss effect. Energy products happens instead of fat storage.

2. Keep Blood Pressure in Control.
As it is prepared from dehydrated, it controls blood pressure as it has quercetin which helps in reducing blood pressure. It also has anti-oxidative ability.

3. Helping in Blood sugar
Moringa leaves helps people who suffer diabetes. It has antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which is present in coffee and keeping blood sugar in place. It has to be rich in Vitamin C, which reduces blood sugar in Type 2 Diabetes.

4. Helping in Cholesterol
Moringa helps in reducing levels of cholesterol which helps heart patients and lowers the risk of heart disease.

5. Adding to Beauty Benefits
This powerful antioxidant abilities in improving the quality of skin and hair. It helps in fighting inflammation and stress in body. It keeps toxins away and clear skin.

How to make Moringa Tea?
You may find it online or in grocery store. Just boil in filtered water and strain into bright green tea. Get your hands on Moringa leaves, dehydrate and grind to make into a powder. Or else, just clean the leaves, boil in water and make Moringa Tea.

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