Chickpea : protein rich Indian Favourite Chana.

It is very commonly used in India. Its rich in fibre and proteins. It has micro nutrients. Even now for vegan food Chickpea is a new trend. It is good for people who follow diet and are fitness freak. Chickpea are versatile and can be mixed in various delicacies to get different tastes.

Chickpea nutrition values – A 100 grams of Chickpea contain 9 grams of protein, 8 grams of fibre and no cholesterol which is 2.6 grams of fat. It has good amount of iron and magnesium.

Chickpea benefits-

1.Managing your weight – Since chickpea has good amount of protein and fibre it aids in weight loss. The protein and fibre will aid weight loss and will help in weight management.

2.Control of diabetes – The fibre which is contained in Chickpea will control blood sugar and help in reducing insulin resistance. High fibre diets will lower the risk of diabetes and high blood sugar.

3.Improving bone health – Chickpea has essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin K which play an important role in keeping the bone healthy.

4.Keeping Heart Healthy – As per study Chickpea helps in reduction of bad cholesterol. High cholesterol is often associated with poor cardiovascular health so Chickpea helps in improving heart functioning.

5.Helping nervous system and liver – Chickpea had vitamin B9 or folate which makes proper functioning of brain and muscle development. It also helps in smooth functioning of nervous system and maintaining metabolism.

Chickpeas also help in digestion as it has fibre in it. Always include chickpeas in your diet for functioning of heart, body and brain.

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