Essential Ayurvedic tips for Skincare routine

Who doesn’t love a clear beautiful skin? It enhances beauty and self-confidence but if you have acne it’s like a nightmare. Skin plays a vital role in our body. Skin should always be clean and clear.
Ayurveda says that as per yogi Anoop that your skin health is dependent upon 2 factors that is psychological and physical. The food that you eat affects the functioning of your body which reflects on your skin. On other side your psychological condition can also be seen on your body if you are happy or sad. Here are the foods that will help to enhance as per Ayurveda.

1.Essential fatty acids – Fatty acids are fats that keep your brain healthy. They keep function over psychological function. The fatty acids include olive oil, almond, walnuts and whole grain which will keep your mind calm and stress free.

2.Alkaline foods – Everybody needs to be alkalised which means that body needs to be neutralized the acid form. Alkaline will help in keeping hormone healthy and keep your skin healthy. Include fruits and foods in your diet such as beans, nuts, seeds and grains.

3.Magnesium rich fruits and vegetables – Magnesium is important in keeping your liver healthy. Your liver health will be reflecting on your skin so make sure to have magnesium rich fruits and vegetables to keep your skin healthy. Have green leafy vegetables, figs, dark chocolate and dates.

Apart from fruits these are the other kitchen ingredient that can help your skin glow like fuller earth it helps reduce acne and make your skin glow naturally. It cooling effect and helps you remove blackheads.

Another face pack that is best for your skin is sandalwood and yogurt. Take 3 teaspoons of sandalwood and 3 teaspoons of yogurt and add rose water to it then mix it well and apply it on your skin 15 – 20 minutes before bath.

Apart from this, neem is a good skincare product because its antifungal and has antibacterial properties. Once can mix neem with fuller earth and use it daily.

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