As per Ayurveda, can you eat while standing?

We all are aware; Ayurveda has wisdoms in relation to diet. Apart from addition of food and herbs, there are few ways on how to consume it. It’s common saying, sit down and eat peacefully. This practise is followed in Ayurveda.

In the current scenario, one just grabs the meal and not have luxury in chewing down to eat. Ayurveda has own reasons to practise its own benefits. One should invest good time in eating and find place to sit.

As per Ayurveda expert that is if stand and eat does not have that disadvantage affecting your health. If you have a proper sitting arrangement, it shows respect towards food. It’s just because of food we all are alive. It deserves due respect and not to be chewed in hurry. We all know, there is concept of sukoon which means happiness and satisfaction in all possible ways.

As per Ayurveda Expert at Shree Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan, it’s oldest companies in Ayurveda which focuses on your plate. Distraction and eating are a big No. One needs to chew for 32 times with no stress. Sitting down will make you concentrate on your food and more attention on the plate. It’s said if you sit down, you have sukoon in your meals which means you are not in hurry. It soothes digestion and gastric problems.

Not only Ayurveda, but hurried eating is not even appreciated by scientists. Studies have shown slow eating is healthy and weight loss friendly. It makes one feel full and satiated. So, enjoy your meals sitting and eating slowly.

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