Things to remember to keep asthma attacks away

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What is Asthma?
Asthma is a disease affecting a person in lungs by causing hurdles in carrying air to and from. People who suffer from this disease are said to be Asthmatic. The inside walls of an asthmatic’s airways are swollen or inflamed which causes irritation and increases allergic reaction. Due to these inflammation, airways become narrower and less air can pass through them towards lungs. Symptoms of asthma are like hissing sound while breathing, chest tightness and continuous coughing specially in early morning. This disease is hardly curable. Good treatment can help person to lead a normal life.

What happens during Asthma attack?

The muscles around your airways gets narrower, which makes it difficult to breathe. The muscles tightens which stops the flow of air in and out and makes it hard to breathe. A person has to force on his body by heavy breathing which increases coughing and even can cause a stroke. Less air is able to flow in and out the lungs which hardens the passage. Inflammation and irritation increases which causes to unconsciousness.

Some asthma attacks are is very dangerous and if not controlled at proper time or if the medicines and precautions left in middle can give out many side effects and even cause to other parts of the body like it can affect menstrual cycle of women by increasing irregularities, risk of heart attack at any moment which can be sudden, brain hemorrhage which can cause to sudden or slow death.


    • Environmental factors:

all types of allergies which are related to environment and nature include in this category. Small allergies if not given proper attention at time, can cause into permanent disease of asthma. Staying too much in pollution, using too much chemical products on body, smoking during pregnancy which can affect our respiratory organ and of your child too, dusting at home without covering mouth, spraying heavy chemicals on insects all first can cause small allergies and then it can turn into asthmatic disease.

    • Hygiene:

cleanliness is the best way to stay healthy in breathing. If your home is not cleaned and is filled with dust and other nasty materials can spread infection in air which directly affect the respiratory system. Bed sheets and blankets should be washed and changed every week, which will not let it gather all the dust in it. If you have soft toys, wash it too.


  1. Avoid perfumes which are very strong and even if possible try to avoid mild perfumes too.
  2. Avoid ice creams, as ice creams are the worst product that can cause the problem of asthma.
  3. Cover your mouth while dusting and driving a two wheeler.
  4. If you have morning sickness, like sneezing in early morning try to drink warm water in early morning and then whole day, which prevents cold in body.
  5. Try to avoid bakery, oily eateries and go for fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  6. Carry your pumps every where and try to take steam at home at-least ones a day every day.
  7. If you are in initial stage of asthma, then go for homeopathic treatment which have no side effects.
  8. Exercise is the best thing which includes walking in fresh air in evening, yoga and meditation.
  9. At early morning before sunrise have a walk in garden on wet grass, which recharges your respiratory systems.



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