Bulletproof Coffee with Coconut Oil

Are you interested in brewing bulletproof coffee? Do you know how it is beneficial for your health? I am pretty sure; you are not! Well, read this post to know about the benefits and recipe of bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

The benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee with coconut oil are many. Have a cup of bulletproof coffee with coconut oil regularly and enjoy amazing benefits! Here we are mentioning some benefits that are associated with the intake of bulletproof coffee on the regular basis:

  • Helps to Cut down Calories: If you are health conscious and want to cut your calorie intake then bulletproof coffee is best for you! Bulletproof coffee is quite healthy and also low in calories as well. If you want to avoid regular coffee option then try bulletproof coffee!
  • Reduces Stress: If you are stressed and already tried too many things, but disappointed! Well, you should try bulletproof coffee! This healthy coffee is one of the best remedies to treat stress. There are certain substances that are helpful in regulating hormones and thus results in relieving stress. So, go for these remedies if you are stressed.
  • Gives Energy: Bulletproof coffee is one of the best sources of energy. This healthy beverage is considered to be one of the best as well as quick sources of instant energy. If you are tired or feeling fatigue then brew a cup of bulletproof coffee immediately and feels great energy and freshness!
  • Treats Depression: Many studies proved that having a cup of brewed bulletproof coffee regularly can help in treating tension and depression.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

  • Take a cup of water and boil it properly.
  • After boiling it, add some brewed roasted coffee and boil it for some time.
  • Add few drops of coconut oil for bulletproof coffee in a boiling water and boil for 10 15 minutes.
  • Stain the boiled mixture and pour in into a cup.
  • Add milk in a cup or if you want you can also add cream.
  • If you are not a health conscious and want to enhance taste then you can add some sugar cubes as well.
  • Now your bulletproof coffee with coconut oil is ready to drink!

Hope, you are clear with the recipe of bulletproof coffee along with the coconut oil. Make a cup of this healthy and simple beverage and have. Sip of this tasty and delicious bulletproof coffee!


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