Muscular dystrophy

June 15, 2015 admin 0

Muscular dystrophy is a disease of the musculoskeletal system in which, the voluntary muscles get gradually weakened and degraded. It is an inherited disorder which […]

Strep throat

June 11, 2015 admin 0

Strep throat is the name given to the infection of the throat caused by bacteria; particularly group A streptococcus species bacteria. It is characterised by […]

Circadian Rhythm Disorder

May 15, 2015 admin 0

Circadian rhythm disorder is nothing, but a sleeping disorder. This sleeping disorder is not very dangerous, but it is much better to cure it on […]

Gluten intolerance symptoms

May 9, 2015 admin 0

There are many symptoms of gluten intolerance, but the most common are gastrointestinal symptoms. The symptoms of this disorder may vary from person to person. […]